A Day at So Big

Our School Day


Children are greeted by the teacher and items are placed in cubbies as the children “check-in” (just like mom or dad!). Parents must come to the classroom and sign each child in every day.

Circle time

The children, teacher and parent helpers gather together for songs, finger plays, and sharing. The older children may also do calendar and weather during this time. Co-oping parents are a part of circle time as well.

Play Time/Center Time

This is the heart of the So Big school day. Children flow from center to center as their interests dictate. They play alone or in small or large groups. Where they play, who they play with and which materials they use are up to them with limited guidance from the teacher and parent volunteers.

girl_paintingDifferent centers are set up around the room each day and may focus on: the theme for the day, creative art projects, manipulatives such as blocks, puzzles and beads, math skills such as graphing, counting or sorting. Other activities include pre-writing skills such as adding a picture and dictation to their journal or writing “lists” as they move about the classroom, science, such as predicting outcomes, observing differences and feeling textures. These areas are planned by the teacher and lead by co-oping parents.

Other centers are open daily such as the dramatic play “house” and dress up areas, puppet theater, book loft, rhythym instruments and recorded music, various types of blocks, puzzles and games, play dough, indoor climbing equipment, doll house, easel painting, art area, writing desk, science center and the spacious outdoor play area which includes a playground structure, large sandbox, tricycles, water table, and even a boat!


Families provide nutritious snacks for their child’s class about 7-10 times per year. Snack time is a fun time for social interaction as well as nourishment. We will work with families when food allergies or restrictions are present to ensure that all children can enjoy snack time.

Closing Circle

This meeting time usually involves music and movement and a story read aloud to the entire class. This is also the time when we may have special visitors from our community.


Children collect belongings from the cubbies, greet their parents and go home for the day. Parents are required to retrieve the child from the classroom and sign each child out every day.